Debbie Gsell-Danilkewich

Volunteer Coordinator – Debbie ventured into the non-profit world in 2009 while recovering from a health crisis. She still felt the need to contribute to her community, so she started volunteering. This is when Debbie discovered her ability to connect with people who were navigating life’s challenges. Working with clients and volunteers proved to be very rewarding.

After the unexpected death of Debbie’s husband, she was determined that something positive would come from this experience. In January 2022 Debbie joined the Prairie Hospice team as a volunteer. When the Volunteer Coordinator position opened up, it seemed like the perfect fit. It was an opportunity she couldn’t pass up.

Debbie grew up on a small, mixed farm in NW Saskatchewan. She has a deep connection to animals and nature. Her adventurous spirit led her to get her private pilot’s license, become an international agricultural exchange student, and live overseas for twelve years. Debbie has two adult children and enjoys baking, gardening, quilting, walking her dog and attending Hilltops football games.