Prairie Hospice Society is a charitable, non-profit community organization working to ensure access to compassionate, community-based, end-of-life support in Saskatoon. Our goal is to enhance quality of life at the end of life, wherever people call home. We provide one-on-one companionship and non-medical support for clients and their families, raise awareness and educate the community about end-of-life care, and advocate for quality end-of-life care.

Our work is made possible thanks to financial support from community members and businesses, our committed volunteers, and our dedicated staff and board members. We don’t receive funding from the government or the health care system but we do work closely with the Saskatchewan Health Authority. We receive referrals for people who need our services, and we advocate for people in palliative care.

What is hospice care? 

Hospice care supports individuals approaching end of life and their families. It is holistic care that focuses on quality of life by ensuring the individual’s physical symptoms are looked after and their emotional and spiritual needs are met so they can die in comfort and with dignity.

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A community vision for hospice care in Saskatoon

Prairie Hospice Society Inc. began in 2011 and kick-started a wave of support. A community visioning session provided the opportunity to openly discuss what hospice care in Saskatoon should look like. Since that time, our volunteers have poured over 20,000 hours into the care of those with a terminal diagnosis.

Prairie Hospice Society came into being with the goal of meeting the needs of people who were approaching end of life and their families.

With the January 2013 launch of our Hospice Without Walls community outreach program, our volunteers rapidly began making a difference for the people of Saskatoon. They went into the homes of their clients, providing companionship and support to stay home as long as possible. 

In 2016, we added our Hospice Now program, providing a quick response service to clients and families by providing rides, urgent respite and household-related needs.

In 2019, we added Bereavement Support to our client services, where volunteers provide support to the family for up to one year after their loved one has passed, by providing a series of check ins and offering clients a friendly voice and a safe place to grieve. 

Frequently asked questions

Can someone stay the night at Prairie Hospice?

No. We are not a residential hospice. Instead, we offer programs in the community where our volunteers go to clients in their own home. Learn more about our services.

Do you provide support for people who have health challenges but do not have an incurable diagnosis? (E.g. Support for people who are blind or have dementia.)

No. Our services are only for people who have stopped curative treatment for an illness and are facing a terminal diagnosis. 

Do Prairie Hospice volunteers provide medical care to their clients?

No. We do not provide any form of medical care. That type of care is typically provided by the Palliative Home Care program of the Saskatchewan Health Authority. We do not do physical transfers or lifting of clients and will call Home Care if clients require that kind of service. For more information about what we do, see our Services page and our Volunteer page.

Supporting people wherever they are

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