In Saskatoon, more than 600 people per year are candidates for palliative care — not including family members who become full-time caregivers and also benefit from hospice services. At any given time, we are serving about 100 clients and families. 

Your donation matters

We are not funded by any level of government. We need your support to continue to successfully serve our community.

Your donation will support all of the work of Prairie Hospice – to pay volunteer expenses and training costs, to remunerate staff, and to cover organizational costs such as office expenses and insurance.

One of our great attributes is our nimble and agile ability to respond to the needs of people in our community. We are very thoughtful in our provision of services yet we are not weighed down by excessive bureaucracy and red tape. 

Prairie Hospice has helped me and my family from the get-go of my diagnosis. Their team of volunteers has made a real impact in my life. Hospice care is tough and this organization goes above and beyond to cover their clients’ needs. Lives are changed for good by your donations to this amazing organization.

Eshan Correa

Eshan Correa

Thank you to our donors

Financially, everything we do is made possible by our donors. Prairie Hospice extends its gratitude to the generous individuals, businesses, and foundations that have supported our work. Your contributions have helped us improve the quality of life for numerous individuals through their end-of-life journeys.

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Contact us if you’d like to make a donation with a credit card over the phone, to arrange a pre-authorized debit donation, or to direct a memorial donation.