We Appreciate our Volunteers

Prairie Hospice Society appreciates each one of our volunteers that give so much, they
truly are the heart of our organization. Our volunteers make such a difference for so
many in our community. Their willingness to give their time and support for the past 10
years allows us to continue to fulfill our mission. We have served over 900 individuals,
trained just over 200 volunteers, and provided over 41,000 hours of support.

Research has shown that volunteering is associated with improved health and well-
being, including increased longevity, adoption of healthy lifestyles and reduction
in depression and stress. The service volunteers provide also goes on to benefit the
communities in which they live and serve. Together we are building a stronger

We were able to do several gatherings with our volunteers to celebrate them, see what
the volunteers have to say about volunteering with Prairie Hospice Society.